About Us

Since 1990, MP Environmental Services has been an independently woman owned and operated transportation, demolition and remediation firm. However, Mitchell Pecarovich founded the company's origins in 1944. MP Oil and later MP Vacuum Truck Service helped cement the company MP Environmental Services is today. With a fleet of more than 1,000 pieces of equipment, it is one of the largest independent transporters of hazardous waste in the Western United States. Based in Bakersfield, California, MP Environmental Services has offices located in Arizona, Northern California, Washington, Oklahoma and Utah. We are able to meet the environmental transportation needs of most companies. In addition to operation in the west, MP Environmental Services is fully permitted and licensed to transport nationwide, as well as in Canada. MP Environmental Services believes that the customer is key, and we are meticulous in serving you.

Management Team

Upper Management

  • Dawn Calderwood

  • Shawn Calderwood

  • Rex Calderwood

  • Richard Turner

  • Gina Blankenship

Facility Managers

  • Edward Morrison

  • Wayne Martin

  • Jenny Orr

  • Kevin Terrio

Project Managers

  • Greg Brandom

  • Mark Fisk

  • Ken Smith

  • Jim Hickle

  • Laren Kaufman

  • Craig Miller

  • Matt Hoffman

  • Jesse Soltero

  • Hector Zavala

Fact Sheet

Mitchell Pecarovich
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484121, 562910
095089, 156118
23,000 +
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100% Woman Owned


It is the mission of MP Environmental Services to be the premier supplier of environmental management services and to exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, the environment and the community by applying the safest and most cost-effective solutions available today, while working on better solutions for tomorrow.

Client List

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Client Testimonials

As a representative of Molycorp Minerals, LLC., I have had the pleasure of developing a relationship with MP Environmental Services, Inc. (MPE) for 15 years. MPE provides expert services covering a wide range of contractor support; from transport services and waste management to general landscaping efforts.

MPE currently provides Molycorp with cost effective work alternatives which save Molycorp money. Strong “outside the box” thinking is an appreciated talent provided by MPE. Molycorp has a very significant Safety Program which has allowed us to achieve over 4 years of safe work without a Lost Time or Restricted Work Case. MPE’s commitment to Safety has helped us achieve this long standing accomplishment. MPE has also worked well with our Union workforce with little or no work issues over the years. MPE supplies Molycorp with MSHA trained and safety minded workers.

MPE has provided excellent service and has assisted Molycorp in many accomplishments, in particular, agency and permit compliance. MPE has aided us to maintain compliance with air permit requirements, stormwater and SPCC rules and many other agency specific regulatory mandated requirements. Molycorp has been very fortunate in having MPE as a reliable support service company.

I would recommend MPE to any company wishing to obtain reliable, safe and cost efficient contract work.


John F. Espinoza
Health and Safety Manager
Molycorp Minerals, LLC

Severn Trent Services has been working with MP Environmental for several years; during which time MP has always provided us with consistently excellent service. Our customers have complimented on the professionalism of MP’s staff and that the work site is always left clean. Scheduling service is a very smooth process and they always seem to have the appropriate staff available to satisfy our scheduling needs. I have and will continue to recommend MP Environmental Services to anyone in the water industry who is looking for professional, timely and cost competitive service.

Monique Pietropaoli
Project Manager
Severn Trent Services

I wanted to commend Terry Schlueter and Gregg Dutile for their professional attitudes. Both individuals were very cognizant of safety and operational requirements which made our job that much easier. All the staff members that worked with these two commented on their technical abilities and wiliness to get the job done no matter what hurdles were thrown at them. Please thank them again for a job well done.

Ty Buckendorf
EMSD/Waste Operations
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory